Single-Payer Healthcare System “Dead” For Now in CA. If Resurrected, Trump Gets Final Say!

Liberal leaning, socialist Democrats in California have tried and failed once again to turn California completely into a socialist state, at least for now by pushing a single-payer healthcare system.

Even if California Democrats try again in the near future, President Donald Trump would be the one to decide the ultimate fate of the proposed California healthcare system and to that I say, thank God!

Two of the biggest liberal Democrats within the state, state Senators Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) were the “brains” behind SB 562 which would have turned California into a single-payer system.

The bill was vehemently pushed by the California Nurses Assn., the bill’s sponsors and the most vocal advocates for single-payer.

Toni Atkins

Lara, Atkins and the nurses union promised Californians the “moon” under SB562.

They say SB562 would do the following:

  • Under a single-payer plan, the government replaces private insurance companies, paying doctors and hospitals for healthcare.
  • No more coverage through work or through federal public programs — it would all be in one state-subsidized plan.
  • Virtually all healthcare costs would be covered.

Wow! Really? Everything for free? Yes. Even those in the country illegally would be covered? How great is that? #sarcasm

And the best part of all, it wouldn’t cost anyone a dime. That’s right “free” means “free,” correct?

Well, no. It never does, California grasshopper.

Depending upon whether you believe the analysis secured by the nurses union or a legislative analysis, California taxpayers and businesses would have to shell out anywhere from $330 billion to $400 billion per year which eclipses California’s total annual budget of $183 billion.

Anthony Rendon

That presents a “small” problem and one of the reasons Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) put the kabash on a bill that was too outlandish even for liberal California.

He did, however, leave the door open for future consideration of the bill if some of the major issues are worked out such as how on earth California or any other state could afford it.

Rendon is paying the price, however for not allowing the bill to move forward.

According to reports, Rendon is receiving death threats for going against the wishes of those who wanted the bill to pass.

On Monday, one such threat appeared on Twitter and read:

“I pray someone checks his schedule for baseball practice,” referencing the shooting earlier last month when Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot during a congressional baseball practice.

Another tweet was posted by RoseAnn DeMoro, who according to her Twitter account is “Social Change and Labor Activist for Life. Executive Director of @NationalNursesUnited, the Largest U.S. Organization of Nurses.”

DeMoro tweeted the following:

“SinglePayer covers pre-existing backstabs. Let’s tell @Rendon63rd to pull the knife out.” (and provided phone numbers to contact Rendon)

The good news for Republicans in California is the fact that even if California manages to convince taxpayers that socialism will somehow work, which it never does, Trump would be the final arbiter as to whether his administration would grant a waiver allowing the state to redirect all funds from Medicare and Medi-Cal to make the state system “work.”

It is unlikely that Trump would allow it because California seeks to grant illegal immigrants residing in California the right to use the taxpayer funded healthcare system.