(Video) ‘Baltimore Ceasefire’ Hopes to Convince Its Citizens Not to Commit Murder

How bad has the murder rate gotten in Baltimore?

Apparently, bad enough that a Facebook group, “Baltimore Ceasefire” felt it was necessary to call for peace in their neighborhood.

The group has designated August 4 through August 6 with the hashtag “nobody kill anybody” and is calling on the people of Baltimore to participate in the #BaltimorePeaceChallenge.

The goal according to the details of the event are as follows:

“We will choose to focus on positivity and plan to have life affirming events Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in an effort to avoid having any murders in our city.
We will choose to celebrate life with our family, friends, and loved ones Friday through Sunday.
We will choose peace on purpose that weekend.
We will celebrate ourselves and our city and lift each other in love during the first weekend in August. We will commit to peace August 4th through August 6th.”

While it’s commendable to see a city taking action to curb the violence on their streets, it’s also very telling about the seriousness of the issue.

Reportedly, Baltimore is struggling with a record high murder rate and those in charge of the city are desperate for a solution that works.

So far in 2017, 181 people have been killed on Baltimore’s streets. That number is higher than the 127 people killed in New York this year, a city that is almost 14 times larger.

The statistic is also higher than the 160 that have been killed in Philadelphia, which is two and one half times larger than Baltimore.

Surprisingly, the number is more than double that of Chicago, a city that is continuously in the news because of its high murder rate.

Baltimore’s situation is dire at best.

Rob Weinhold, Baltimore’s public safety official said:

“I think everyone understands it’s at a crisis level. That the violent, crime is intolerable, the number of homicides is outrageous.
Everyone needs to be held accountable. Whether you’re the person behind bars who needs to stay behind bars and not be let out into the community, or a person in a leadership position who is not getting the job done. Frankly, if you can’t get it done, get out. If you don’t have the resources to police effectively, the men and women who wear a badge and carry a gun every day are immediately handicapped.
The bottom line is, this is not about politics, it’s about public safety.”

Baltimore police are also looking for a solutions and hope to continue talks to determine the best fix for their city’s unnecessary loss of life.