(Videos) Barron Trump Proves He’s the Fashion Setter Once Again!

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump seem to have a fashion setter in their son Barron Trump.

Barron made headlines in June when he was seen exiting Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland wearing a J. Crew T-shirt with the words, “The Expert” printed on the front. The online website reported record sales with the shirt selling out within hours.

Now it appears that the unintentional “fashionista” may have done it again!

This time as the 11-year-old boarded Marine One with his parents to spend Father’s Day at Camp David, he was sporting shorts with the crest of London soccer team Arsenal and matching knee socks.

In 1991, Trump commented during an ITV Sport interview that he used to play soccer in high school and believed it to be a great game.

Perhaps Barron has now gotten the soccer bug and will be picking up where his famous father left off.

However, whether he chooses to play soccer or just don the outfit, the sport of soccer will no doubt benefit from Barron’s marketability and high likability among most Americans.