‘White Composers’ Music’ Won’t Be Bought By This High School Band

Spring Lake Park High School in Minnesota has decided that it will not buy music this year from white composers in an attempt to offer more diversity to its high school band.

Even a bulletin board that usually has mostly white composers, according to the school, now features composers of color.

Brian Lukkasson, one of the band directors at the school said:

“We made a commitment this year to only buy music from composers of color.
It’s really hard to find music because there’s just not a lot of composers of color that are being published.
I really, really want other students of color to be able to feel like they are welcomed and appreciated anywhere, that they don’t have to check themselves at the door.”

Kia Muleta, who is black and one of the students at the school, says that most of the students around her are white and it bothers her that the most of the music being played is from white composers.

Sounding more like the words she heard from an adult rather than what a junior in high school would say, Muleta said:

“There’s a kind of an ideological segregation of who can and cannot be in band, based on who the composers are, and what the music is like.”

An “ideological segregation?” Now that’s a new term from the progressive left in pushing its agenda of divisiveness.

Muleta says:

“The mix of composers on the bulletin board may seem like a small thing, but it’s not to her. She says new faces up front are a signal difference is welcome here.”

Why does the school have to make a big deal out of playing music from a variety of composers? Who told them not to select music from a diverse group of composers in the first place? There is no indication that anyone did.

It’s just another attempt by the left to claim that systemic racism is alive and well in our children’s public education system when it is self-imposed, if it exists at all.