The Urgency of Now

Susan Scrupski
Jan 12 · 3 min read

Florida Matters Today More than Ever

Friday, our good friends down at the League of Women Voters in Miami Dade published a pie chart on their Instagram account. Take a look.

Let it sink in.

That small sliver of voters who rolled out to the polls in 2000 made the difference between a war in the Middle East and an early war on climate change.

Today, the stakes are even higher.

Florida is ground zero in the fight for preserving our freedom and the fate of Western Democracy.

We’ve got it all here.

We’re a target for bad actors who want to infiltrate our voting systems, disrupt our elections, disseminate misinformation to our voters, and maybe even suppress voting if they can get away with it.

It’s for this reason, I’ve chosen to join the fight. I’m staying in Florida and will take on the responsibility to lock arms with my League of Women Voters massive network community to empower voters and defend democracy. Starting next week, I will be on staff and headquartered here with my friends in the state office in Orlando as Executive Director. My role is to support our awesome board and president and most importantly — our 29 passionate Leagues across the state who educate citizens and advocate every day for change on the issues core to our values and principles. You’ll be hearing much more about those over the next year!

Thomas Paine is here to remind us — we are, once again, facing an American crisis.

Thomas Paine once said,

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must,…undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

I can personally attest to the hard work League volunteers put in defending our democracy year after year, a century in fact.

This year will be no exception and will be the year that matters more than than any year prior if the experts are correct.

Let’s understand the enemy is not the other party or your relative who votes on the other side of the aisle. There are foreign active agents, as I write this, who work relentlessly to unravel the threads of our democracy and turn us against each other. “The chaos is the point,” as they say, and it foments the outrage culture that rules on social media. In other words, the enemy is not us. The enemy is them, making us think it’s us.

Most political prognosticators agree that women will make the difference in the next election. We must join together and focus on the bedrock freedoms that our constitution guarantees us. As a nonpartisan political organization, the League is in the best position to lead Florida into the 2020 election and the all-important 2020 Census.

Zelda Ladan, Past President, Seminole County League of Women Voters.

Florida has always led the country with its mobilized ground game of hard-working Leaguers registering voters, hosting local debates, teaching on ballot issues, and providing an informed voice on bills that impact Florida citizens.

I could not be more proud to support the thousands of League volunteers who shine so brightly, year after year, in this beautiful Sunshine State.

Hello 21st century.

Just like Thomas Paine in 1776, I’m inspired to fight for democracy.

Susan Scrupski

Written by

Former Woman in Tech | Tries hard, sometimes prevails.

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