Invent Health: Finding Common Ground

One of the meeting participants, Beto Lopez, handed over his notes at the end of the day and they are so cogent that I’m compelled to post them here:

The thing about extreme environments is that by definition they are not well understood or very predictable.

If you accept that, the scientific framework that races to a single solution is somewhat obsolete. In fact there are many possible solutions.

The variable of merit is the fit of a solution to the extreme environment.

Who can do this best? The person in the future scenario.

In this regard sustaining human life in extreme environments has to do with the improvisational capacity of the person in the future needing to solve a problem.

  • How do you support improvisation?
  • How do you help build fast capability?
  • How do you outsource expertise?
  • How do we recalibrate our expectations for the solutions that get adopted?

(End of notes. What do YOU think? Please leave a comment or point me to other resources related to this topic.)

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