Steve O'Brien


We need to include people like you in this conversation.

“What’s the point of this article?” has a wonderful edge to it, a challenge, like I wasted a minute of your time by drawing your attention to the coming age boom.

I’ll answer by telling you why I care.

I have seen the projections for health care costs for the coming decades and wondered, “Who is going to pay for that?”

My heart was broken by the financial crisis and the way it wiped out millions of people’s hopes for a comfortable retirement.

I have followed the debates over the Social Security system and pension reform with a growing sense of dread.

I have had the privilege of being a caregiver to loved ones in their 80s and 90s and seen, up close, how beautiful and difficult that time of life can be.

I have watched, with empathy, as people navigate life on crutches, using a wheelchair, or with low vision.

I have been flummoxed by new technology and have had to ask my sons for help (and I work in the tech industry).

The original article took me about 10 minutes to write and Medium says it takes 1 minute to read. What I hope is that it’s an appetizer for you and anyone else who isn’t as steeped in the debate as I am.

Please dig in further. Explore the links. Talk to your parents and grandparents about their hopes and dreams for the years ahead. Think about your own vision for your “golden years.” How might we prepare now to make those dreams come true?

That’s the point. And again: Welcome.

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