“Forget the past” they say!

I get so angry when I hear this phrase or whatever you call it…

Just tell me, how do you forget an abuse?

How do you forget you don’t live with your real parents?

How do you forget the words that have hurt you?

How do you forget happy moments that bring tears to your eyes when you realise you’ll never have that feeling again?

How do you forget the things that made you feel not good enough, worthless, numb and all these feelings that give you a reason to escape life…

How do you forget if you have a father that constantly remind you that the everything that happened was your fault?

Tell me!

How do you forget if you have no one to talk to continuesly cry yourself to sleep?

How do you forget if you keep on telling yourself to forget the things but in the same way reminding yourself the whole time to forget those things?

Stop telling me to forget, that can’t happen unless you bumped your head to hard or something like that…

Teach me how to live with what hurt me from the past!

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