If you just can’t get the results…

I’m tired. I’m tired of thinking I’m not good enough. I’m tired of saying I’m not smart enough. I’m tired of trying and always end up failing. I’m tired of hearing people say that I could’ve done better with my studies because my results suck. Sometimes they ask if it bothers me when I do bad, yes I keep quiet! Do you really think it won’t bother me? I think everyone dream to be in the top and then there’s that teacher reading your exam mark out loud for everyone to hear! If you do bad, people laugh at you and when you finally feel humiliated you’re afraid to try. You’re afraid to try out for sports, you’re afraid to try out for culture, a competition and other things because most of the students that do so good are always everywhere. So many times I wanted to do something so bad but I’m afraid to be laughed at.

People don’t think before they speak How many times should I listen to someone shouting at me: “you haven’t studied for this test”. Were you at my house? Did you see? And boy! They get mad when you treat them like they treat you. “I’m the adult, you are the kid” Oh so that mean you can be so mean to me! No… you treat people like you want to be treated. I know I studied for my exams and I ended up crying so much because it is just not that easy for me to focus. I pray to remember what I studied. I sat days and days trying different ways that would help me to remember the work but I just didn’t succeed. I hate it when an adult say they were also there or they didn’t fail. Seriously give them a test and let them do it! The time has changed. It’s not that easy anymore. Did they sat and do homework until late nights?

And everytime I get my results. I’m scared to show them my marks. I can never do that great that I wanted to and so many times my goals were to high. I just made a promise to myself that no matter how many times I fail. No matter how many people choose to leave me because of the way I am I won’t give up because many people that were top students end up last and many that was like me crying their way threw school can be first and have more than they have ever dreamed off.