Life hurts

At night before bed when I went to bath
I shut the door close the windows make sure i cant be seen
Within the key hole in the door I place toilet paper
desperate of the feeling that there might be someone staring
Quick to undress and easy to take pictures just to show the world that I'm not to shy and ready to feel loved by those people that destroy me
yes it might take forever but I will shower in awhile maybe after I finally feel dirty
What a pleasant reason to wash away all that just happened
My tears will become one with the water and together it will fall into the drain and dissappear
And this day when it's all to much I fall to the floor and shout my heart out in silence where I can't seem to speak a word but tears fall like rain
My feet want to run and my hands feel out of control. I want this conflict to dissappear.
I'm quick to get done and slam the door behind me
Blaming myself for everything that goes wrong
But I will wait for the next day
The same story
Not a peaceful night sleep, no
I will get abused
Again and again
And in the end when my father have won
He killed me
Waiting for my deep sleep
And tomorrow I will wake up
And start this all over again
Just like yesterday.

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