This what I feel
Is a song in my head 
Over and over 
It plays
For days and nights 
When I’m depressed 
Or when I have fun
It comes and destroy my life
But also known as my healer
Each lyric with a different emotion 
The emptiness, sadness, rejection
Or the way I hurt others
Pushing that sword deeper and deeper 
Slowly, but ready to kill
Isn’t that what the world teach us
To not forgive others
And get our revenge
It’s important to understand 
That the wolrd won’t listen 
To those who have been let down
Here and there there are a few that cares
But are unable to understand 
For they did NOT hear, see or feel 
Therefore I have this song
That plays over and over 
In my head
Telling me that people cannot feel

If someone hurt them over and over again

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