Those who hurt inspire me!

He told me that
My poetry is crap
And have no meaning
Because the words 
Are to weak
Shout it out
Share it with the newspaper
Put it on the freaking tv
Or send it to social media 
I will send you a picture 
Of me
To use with the poem 
I’m sure the whole
World is dying to see
A poet with a little 
Brain who only knows 
The smallest of the easiest words.
I live in my own world 
Where your awful words
Inspire me to get better 
My poetry could be weak
But I love being deep
I don’t write for you
I write because 
I know what’s my goal 
To help those who’s shouting 
For someone they never had
Trough my words 
Many had respond 
And share their deepest secrets
When you’re done
Let me know how many 
People respond to you precious 
Little report of hurting someone’s feelings.

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