On Liking the Unlikeable Hillary Clinton
Melissa McEwan

I liked Hillary in the 90’s (healthcare, women’s rights are human rights) then I forgot about her for a while (9/11, war, recessions got in the way). When she ran for President against Obama, I liked them both. She became his Secretary of State and I liked her. But I drowned a few years in the propaganda against her. And one day my brain kicked in and I started going back to research her voting record and every rotten story about her, and you know what I found? They were burying her in lies like they did the “Whitewater scandal” in the 1990s. The more I unearthed the more I liked her. I also loved Bernie at the time but I really thought she had much more to offer as a President. I voted in the primaries for her and have loved her ever since. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to really research Hillary and just believe what they are told. Also you have to want to hate her for it to really stick past all the facts. Here are a few that some of you might like to read:

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