UX: Less is More

To build a good UX may sound synonymous with endowing users with a lot of features and options. To give users the choice of doing anything and everything at all. But this leads to very high cognitive effort on user — and may lead subsequently to user-attrition.

User Flow

A good UX is nothing but a good user flow. Just like the word ‘flow’ suggests — the entire experience should be smooth and effortless. Decide what is important for attention and highlight accordingly. Decide what is trivial enough and therefore, can recede into the background.

Core Features

When it comes to UX, minimal and simple are the keywords. The actual essence of an UX team is to craftily distill and ruthlessly cut down features. To give an user absolutely and nothing more than what he needs. Recursively ask yourself the question, “If I remove this, will my product still exist?” Features which survive on repeated rounds of questioning are the ones core to your product.

These core features are what makes your product. Now, focus all your energy on ensuring that these features are the top priority and no compromise is made to their quality.

This is foundation of your product. Make it strong. Everything else will depend on your foundation.

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