… Hard to stay motivated?

Well, I don’t know how to begin this writing, so I’m gonna save all the fancy words and jump right in. Keep in mind that this is NOT JUST ABOUT BODYBUILDING. It’s about everything we do in life. For a Basketball lover, it’s about basketball. For a programmer, it’s about programming. For a teacher, it’s about Teaching. For a….. Well, you get the idea.

MOTIVATION, uhmmm.. Most people ask me how I keep myself motivated. How they can keep up their motivation alive. To keep the fire inside of them burning alive. Like, they expect me to provide them with pointers to help themselves to “stay motivated”.

I’m sorry to let you all down but the sad truth is, I DON’T KNOW! The reason is that everybody is different and I don’t know you on a very personal level. You see, I am the wrong guy to ask for pointers to help you stay motivated. WHY IS THAT SO? Coz I never had to motivate myself, never had to fight so hard to keep myself on the right mindset. What I feel for “my thing”, is PURE LOVE. Man, people say that it’s my passion. I sometimes like to call it so just to keep all the complexities of language away but I feel like Passion is not a strong enough word to describe my emotions when it comes to lifting weights. Let’s not make it complicated now, Training, is my Oxygen. It’s my second girlfriend if I have to call it that way and that is the most stable relationship that I’ve ever been on, 5 years.

You know what, whatever you are doing that makes you feel like you need more motivation, ask yourself this: Why are you doing it? Is it just to fulfill the expectations that society has for you? To portray yourself as a deserving member of the society? OR is it coz you just Love it naturally? If you answer YES to the latter one, then I don’t see why you need me to motivate you. Sorry, I lost you on that one, coz that doesn’t make any fuckin sense to me. You are telling me that you are doing it for yourself and you need ME to help you motivate yourself? Think about it and you’ll see why I am so confused.

Another thing may be that you have a goal but you don’t like the journey towards that goal, all the hardwork involved, coz let’s face it, who likes to work hard anyways. Well, toughen up little princess, you gotta put in the effort required to achieve your goals. Life doesn’t give you what you want, it always gives you what you deserve. Have you worked hard to improve your skill, did you put in all the training to achieve your dream body? Do you deserve to have it all? The answers to all these questions must be YES to make you deserving.

I know it may not be easy. If it were, everybody would be doing it, right? So instead of whining about how hard it is, be thankful that it’s hard. Otherwise a million other people would be doing the same thing as you, like walking. Are you proud that you can walk? Certainly not! Coz everybody can do it easily. I’m really glad that my passion is Hard. It’s one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Not only it requires HARDWORK, but it also requires DEDICATION, PASSION, DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE. And I’m happy that there are not a lot of people who can cope up with that.

Most people come up to me and tell me that that wanna have a great physique. But when the time comes to put in the work, most won’t show up. They’ll just workout or fool around just for the sake of it. YOU MUST BE ON FIRE. You need to be Obsessed…. DESPERATE!

Regardless of what field, profession you are working on, you have to have that desire. How bad do you want it? Do you want it bad enough or do you just “kinda” want it? Or are you one of those who just WISH for it?

Make yourself DESERVING and the prize is all yours. No one can take away your hardwork and the proud feeling you get after giving it all you got.

I have a hundred of things to say but this post is getting too long. So I’ll continue next time on another post. Ask me questions. Ask me if you need me to make a post about anything else. Catch you next time. Till then, keep your head up and THINK. Answer all the WHYs. Coz that’s the first step in realizing the source of your MOTIVATION!