5 ways to find the right YouTuber for your brand

Mohammed Ali selling cockroach traps. That lovely lady, Mrs Brady, selling denture cleaners. Is there nothing a celebrity won’t put their name to, no matter how embarrassing the product may be? But then again, would you turn down the offer if there was a cool $40 million on the table? Okay, truth be told, that was what George Clooney received for his Nespresso campaign. We doubt that kind of money is being thrown around for incontinence pads.

Unless you’re in the big leagues, you’re going to struggle to nab a big celebrity. And, Forbes are now suggesting that outlay may be better spent elsewhere.

Enter the new kids on the block. No, not Donnie Wahlberg & Co… we’re talking about the power of collaborating with YouTubers. Why? Because according to a study by Defy: “about 63% of millennials (respondents 13–24) said they would try a product or brand recommended by a YouTube personality, versus only 48% who said the same about a TV or movie star.” And as a brand that’s great news as YouTubers are (for the time being) far less exacting and diva like in their behaviour.

So, how can you find the right YouTuber for you?

1. Too legit to quit

Before you bust out those hammer pants, let’s set things straight — 90s rappers are (probably) not the answer to your video marketing success. The reason influencers are popular as brand ambassadors is because they add an air of authenticity — these are not paid actors, but regulars humans who have a knack for talking into a camera about the products they like. It’s for that very reason that Social Media Examiner advocates that you “find YouTubers who already embody your brand and truly love your product and then let them do what they do best — be themselves.”

2. Goodie bags

If you’ve never watched a ‘haul’ video, it’s kind of like watching your sibling get way more presents than you at Christmas. Yet, the vicarious gifting is big business on YouTube. And it’s just one of the ways you can get yourself on an influencer’s radar. Big Commerce Blog suggests either sending some samples to your intended, or sponsoring a giveaway to their followers.

3. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

One of the ironies of the internet is it allows us to make online connections, often to the detriment of our real life ones. And if you’re looking to make connections for video marketing and simply don’t have the time to reseach the swathe of influencers, the online world has some great connector tools. Famebit and Fanbyte are two or our favourites, but they are mostly based out of US and Europe. For Asia, I highly recommend your’s truly, SushiVid. :)

4. First Impressions Count

If you do go down the matchmaker route, you’ll be given an opportunity to tender your project to various influencers. But remember, these influencers are getting inundated with offers so you need to stand out from the pack. Your campaign title, photo and proposal text need to grab the reader’s attention. You want them to want you, and not the other way round!

5. Build a relationship

Sure, you’re paying the influencer for their services, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shower them with a bit of love (or sushi — everyone loves sushi). Start by contacting the talent directly, and not through a proxy. Get to know them. Support them like they’ve supported you. Check in with them. After all, if you “Make your influencer feel special, and they will likely give your campaigns the extra special treatment. As an added bonus, if your influencer is friends with other YouTube influencers, they’ll likely recommend your business as great to work with, leading to even more connections and exposure.”

Thank you for reading. Written with love by SushiVid