Creativity in Capital Investment

Shari Behnke, Seattle arts advocate and Siren investor

Seminal to the Siren story, our first investor in this funding round is a fierce and longtime supporter of contemporary artists in Seattle. With this catalyst, we can develop Android and expand Siren along the entire West Coast.

For decades, Shari D. Behnke has thought deeply about the kinds of capital investments that could support the contemporary practices of artists. Whether collecting works, establishing grants and awards, forming a foundation from the ground up, constructing a center for arts and culture, or investing in a female-led start up, she has been unwavering in her commitment to the visual arts.

We are partnering with a woman who has long pushed against entrenched patriarchy and rigidity and champions women as equals at any table. Shari’s approach to her endeavors is humble, grounded and honest–that there be a vision, but a vision coupled with a continual inquiry to ask if that vision is the right one now, and change when our culture changes. She does her work behind the scenes and would be the first to insist she is not interested in simply being a tech investor–she is interested in projects pushing boundaries. Her investment is atouchstone for Siren at a key moment in our history.

Susie Lee
Visual Artist and the CEO of Siren

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