An Amazonian’s response to “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace”
Nick Ciubotariu

Since you are father to a child who will one day be a woman in a workplace, you should know there are vast arrays of data showing that women in the workplace are judged differently for the exact same qualities that are considered positives in men. This isn’t anecdotal, and it sounds like you have a sizable blind spot.

“They said they could lose out in promotions because of intangible criteria like “earn trust” (principle No. 10) or the emphasis on disagreeing with colleagues. Being too forceful, they said, can be particularly hazardous for women in the workplace.”

For example: Read some of the critiques of how the media covers Hillary Clinton. What, exactly, does a female candidate have to do to “earn trust” when traits like ambition, drive and strategic gifts are translated into “ruthless,” “calculating,” and “sneaky”? How is judgment “data” when the standards are filtered through unconscious bias?

How many women are there in Amazon’s managment, anyway? The fact that you think your perspective is logical tells me “not many.”

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