Is Democracy Dead in California?
Tony Brasunas
165 also has ticker tape from many polling locations in California, these tapes are being compared to the votes that were “officially” recorded on district and county levels. The results are telling, the numbers reported did not match those tapes. The tapes were photographed and copied by poll workers, I would like to thank those workers for taking their position seriously, having integrity, and for the enormous help this will give the lawsuit case. A BOE official has stated that the provisional ballot’s in L.A County will be counted, lets hope the rest of the state follows along.

I am shocked by the amount of outright fraud and corruption that has taken place during this democratic primary. Keep your chis up fellow Berner’s, I still believe he will get the nomination. #NeverHillary #StillSanders #NeverTrump #ContestedConvention #SeeYouInPhilly #BernieOrBust #Sanders/Turner2016

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