Tomás de'Medici
Feb 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Let’s keep this concise.

The Chicago Sustainability Series launches this Spring as an ongoing panel series to explore how we impact Our City, and I invite your collaboration.


I believe in Chicago.

I believe ‘The We’ is more interesting.

I believe I’m not the only one curious about these stories that reflect our potential, creativity, and needs.

I believe we can explore most aspects of environmental change and solutions in Our City.

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Climate change.1 Global emissions.2 The imposing scale of the carbon footprint of meat, both domestically and internationally consumed.3 The relentless contention over semantics and occurrence.4 Whether we become better people if we only buy our coats from Patagonia, and water conscious denim from the Gap.5 6 The relentless pace of innovation, that I believe will defeat the contention, inaction, and doubt.7 The creation of global and institutional standards and plans.8 The uncomfortable discussion of how precious metals are sourced for products that you likely encounter everyday.9

All of it is a sliver of the complexity inherent in the fact that we are required to adapt to our impacts on our planet. And all of it is overwhelming in scale, pace, and the nauseating audacity of trying to situate ourselves in a responsive context to it.

But let’s keep this concise.

We are a predominately urban species.10

We are over 40% connected to each other by the internet.11

We are best as storytellers and agents of change together.

So let’s explore those slivers, those accessible and immediate points of relevance, and let’s explore them in Our City.

As for what I mean by leaders and practitioners?

Well, aside from putting my liberal arts degree to good use for clever nomenclature, I mean talking with grey-water clean-out crew members, foodies, mechanical engineers, founders, funders, educators, policy-makers, artists…

I mean those working in response to change, and those impacted.

I mean Chicagoans, both within Our City, and in Our Region.

Each session will be free, with a suggested donation to a local nonprofit creating good in response to our impact in these fields.

More information to come.


Tomás de’Medici | 022616

Founder, The Chicago Sustainability Series

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