Conscious consumption & sustainable lifestyle

lecture / Kyiv, Ukraine

On how we love to talk about the environment and share her passion with the broad public.

The world is changing faster than we can adapt to it, such is the reality of our challenging time. It is therefore essential to keep eyes wide open, soul and heart receptive to new ideas and approaches to stay relevant, up-to-date, fully alive.

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For Changemakers (not) only

Rethinking our place in the environment we live in is a vital task, because existing visions and models of good life, as well as methods of achieving it, have resulted in instability, inequality, and uncertainty.

Modern economics equates with . More is always better, in conventional wisdom. The more we have in financial terms, the better off we are deemed to be.

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Are you?

In current societies, we are designed to advance by the continual throwing over of the old in favor of the new. The system requires us to be decisively hooked on the stuff, to borrow and spend, even to mortgage our own financial future if necessary — to carry on consuming.

And things, eventually, started to fall apart. Chasing prosperity through material possessions can only lead us faster towards disaster.

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Real disaster

At Ecognize we love sharing knowledge and lure good people to the side of good.

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Anna delivers the lecture

We believe in lifelong learning and changing old ways of living and doing business when time to adapt comes.

We think it’s not yet too late to act differently.

Small steps, taken collectively, add up to a huge impact.

Sustainable consumption, conscious approaches to self and the environment have proven its positive effects on the life of our team members and those who invite us to talk and share our views.

In October 2018 we were invited (special thanks goes to Julia Piddubna) to talk for IT professionals from One Reach.

Pictures would speak about the event better than words:

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One Reach community, dedicating their time to listen to new concepts
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Learning together

Such a delight to see so many eager to learn shining eyes.

What an atmosphere we have created and embraced ourselves with!

Sharing is caring. Ecognize is always happy to do both, and ready to spread the word of good environmentalism in the world.

Join us next time.

Anna Chashchyna

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