Do anything to avoid charity chuggers?

What do you do to avoid them?

If, like most of us, you have avoided a charity chugger… Then this youtube clip will make you laugh a lot.

If, like us, you often avoid chuggers because you’re too busy, don’t trust that people are who they say they are (makes sense), and don’t want to give out your personal details to a total stranger (duh!), you’re part of the majority.

However, even though there is so much negative press, on-street fundraising still generates a lot of donations for charities who do a lot of good. But we believe they could do even better if it was done in more creative and inspiring ways, instead of simply intrusive…

It seems obvious that people don’t want to part with their personal data or be hounded relentlessly for an act of doing good. Many people want to do good and scientific research shows people who do good live happier lives.

Just like other sectors need to be more philanthropic and socially responsible to create a sustainable world, charities need to respond to their changing world too. They need to be more innovative and use technology to connect and engage with their supporters in more meaningful ways to continue to deliver their valuable services, whilst taking into account the changing needs of their supporters, such as privacy, transparency and control.

About the author

This post was written by Sustainably.

Sustainably is a tech for social good company, with a mission to change the world with your spare change. Its micro-donations and give on the go technology platform, makes giving anywhere frictionless, transparent and secure.

With Sustainably, you can give to good causes on your terms. Give instantly without giving out your personal details or even stopping, and feel good about the difference you’re making. Be sure your money is going straight to your chosen registered charity and that they can’t hound you for more. Get an instant update telling you what’s happening with your money that day, and complete privacy, so you’ll never get unwanted direct mail, phone calls or texts. And all from the privacy of your mobile phone.

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