Sustainably — changing the world every time you shop

Can it be that simple? Every time you buy something, you do something good? Aside from buying ethical, fair trade, organic and locally sourced, is there another way?

Yes! We think so…

What is our mission?

At Sustainably our mission is to inspire sustainable living and giving. We wanted to shape a world we wanted to live in by creating a platform for inspiring change. And through building a community of change-makers, we believe that together we can uncover, share, and scale up exciting ideas for a future that will make lives better for today and for a better world tomorrow. We want to celebrate all of you who are doing amazing things, no matter how small or big, to help society and the environment thrive.

What are round ups?

By simply rounding up your everyday transactions and giving your spare change to good causes of your choice automatically, every time you use a card or connected device, you can do good every time you shop. You probably wont notice the spare change, but the good causes you support definitely will. Set it and forget it, track your impact over time and feel good about the difference you’re making.

How do round ups work?

By connecting your credit and debit cards in our app, you allow us to track and round up your transactions. We automatically round up your spare change to the nearest £1 and give it to the causes of your choice every time you make a transaction using your cards or connected devices.

To set up round ups, select a good cause you want to support, and add the credit or debit card you wish to connect to your account. Then every time you shop on that credit or debit card or a connected device linked to it, you pledge to give a round up. We take your round ups as a separate transaction when they reach £5 and distribute it to the causes of your choice.

Why do we care so much about your privacy, transparency and control?

We believe you should be able to donate with privacy, transparency and control. That means we don’t share your personal information with charities, so you’ll never be hassled to donate. You can see the difference you’re making and track your impact easily over time. And you can pause or change your donations at any time in your app.

How much of my donation goes to my good causes?

Sustainably takes a 5% fee from gift aid to manage the platform. So for every £1 you donate, if you qualify for gift aid, you give £1.25* and Sustainably retains 6p. If not, you give £1* and we retain 5p.

*excluding Stripe payment fees

Do retailers need to participate for me to use round ups?

No, retailers don’t need to participate for you to be using round ups. It’s completely retailer agnostic, which means that wherever you shop using a card connected to Sustainably, your round ups will work.

Are all charities available?

No. Because we vet all the causes on our platform, you can only donate to a charity or non profit that is available on our platform. We’re adding new good causes regularly. If there is a cause you want added, email us at with their details and we’ll do our best to get them on board.

Can I set limits on my donations?

If you’re worried you’ll be spending too much without realizing you can put a cap on your monthly donations to avoid this. You can also pause your account at any time.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, donations to charities are tax-deductible depending on your tax status. Please refer to HMRC for tax advice.

What type a credit and debit cards does Sustainably accept?

Sustainably is currently available for Monzo Bank customers but we’ll be adding other cards soon. Register your interest by emailing with the subject – other cards – and if you want to tell us the name of your bank, we’ll let you know when your bank is on available.

Do I need a Sustainably account to donate?

Yes, you need to have a round ups account with Sustainably in order to donate. Choose your good causes and add a credit or debit card in our app in order to set up your account.

What are Sustainably’s fees?

Sustainably takes a 5% fee to manage the platform. So for every £1 you donate, if you are eligible for gift aid, you give £1.25* (or £1* for non gift aid eligible transactions) and Sustainably retains 6p (or 5p for non gift aid eligible transactions) to cover all the costs involved with running the platform from the awesome developers to the inspiring designers and content creators. Sustainably reclaims gift aid on behalf of it’s charity customers and passes donations and associated gift aid onto charities monthly.

*excludes Stripe payment processing fees

How do charities benefit?

Charities benefit by getting access to a new audience of everyday philanthropists who want to do good on their own terms and have an impact every day. Sustainably connects charities with their supporters in real time — every time a charity receives a donation, the Sustainably platform allows them to send supporters a real-time update telling them what’s happening that day with their donation. This helps charities be more transparent and connected with their supporters in ways they want to be updated.

How does my money get to my charities?

We aggregate supporter money and send one payment to each charity every month.

Is Sustainably a charity?

No, Sustainably itself isn’t a charity. It is set up as a Limited Company. But donations can only go to registered charities and not for profits, which is why we vet all our charities and not for profits before adding them to the platform.

Is there any age restrictions on Sustainably usage?

You must be 18 years old to use the Sustainably platform.

How is Sustainably better than other ways of giving?

Sustainably is not a replacement to other forms of giving. Sustainably is a new way of living and giving. By giving micro-donations as round ups on your everyday purchases, every time you shop, you have an impact. This means you’re joining a community of change-makers, turning small change into big change every day. And with Sustainably, you have total privacy and complete control. So no more unwanted direct mail, phone calls and texts. And you can pause it or change it all at any time in your app. You’ll also get an instant update from your good cause telling you what’s happening with your money that day so you can track the impact you’re having over time.

What do I do if I have a comment, complaint or suggestion?

Sending an email will do the trick. Please email us at and we’ll do all we can to get back to you the next working day.

If we can’t resolve a complaint within this time we’ll either:

  • Contact you within 3 working days, detailing how we’ve resolved the issue.
  • Acknowledge your complaint and give you a timeframe for a full response.