Ideal Jobs for Freshers in Mumbai

You may be thinking this post is about the best job openings for freshers or a list of places freshers need to apply to. Warning: It’s not. It’s about what an ideal job experience should be like, at least for me.

Anyone who’s a fresher would know it’s really hard to find jobs for freshers where someone would help you learn as you grow and experience real life. An ideal job is not just about having a fixed job where you get paid every month for doing the same mundane thing. It would be, if you’re past the stage of wanting to experience new things and explore and enjoy what you do.

Ideal jobs for freshers in Mumbai would be something like this:

If you’re new to the industry with zero experience looking for job vacancies for freshers, your main aim would be to learn new and old tricks of the trade and gain experience whether it’s from government jobs or private offices. While you might not spend the rest of your life at this job, it would definitely benefit you to discover ways to handle stressful situations, meet deadlines to get things done, reach your goals with quality work, and carry out several tasks at one time. There can be no growth in a place that is dull and makes you lethargic. A vibrant atmosphere, happy environment, motivated people will all work together in your favor. Opting for a job in a company that could make you sleepier than you already are will do nothing for your career.

Ideal jobs for freshers would also be those that make you happy. When going back to work every Monday doesn’t seem like a nightmare, you know you’re at the right place. A job where you can also communicate your opinions freely with your colleagues, have lively debates maybe, because why not? Where sitting with a mug of coffee on the terrace to get some fresh air won’t be frowned upon, smoking a cigarette on the stairs while having an interesting conversation won’t get you in trouble, these sound ideal to me. The everyday hustle, adrenaline rush on successful projects, chill sessions with your colleagues post work are what bring you to life.

Working towards being successful in something you dreamed of as a child is a great idea for a job, unless that involved taking over the world to rule as an unjust king swimming in riches. Maybe you should let that one go.

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