I’ve been waiting for this. People who know me, know that I don’t get involved. So they know that my stance is an informed choice. I posted this photo for the benefit for those who haven’t heard or known of these specific details. This is a travesty and an outrage. This is shameful. These people have suffered enough.

Dakota Line. Part 2

I figured I should provide some textual context.

I’m aware it’s proposed as underground, I’m aware its 70 miles away…but the pipeline is proposed to tun under their land…but are people aware that they (the parties involved) are after Privatization regarding Sovereign Land Resources? They are By Definition Untouchable. So it Doesn’t Matter What Conditions Or Where or How…It’s Irrelevant…They Have No Right To It…(They=Non-Native Americans, who don’t live on the reservations), The land rights extends below ground on their Sovereign Land Property line, and in the airspace above it…It’s All Their Land…that’s the Real Point…For Why, they are doing these atrocities. For further illustration on what Privitization means and the agenda behind the Pipeline, (Clearly outlined in detailed explanation in the video below), click on the video link.

And just the BackStory for that.. Watch ThunderHeart with Val Kilmer for detailed explanation on how it’s actually implemented, and its long standing history.

And the link below further illustrates the situation.