This is What Freedom Looks Like

Freedom is no longer dreading the day ahead, no more walking on eggshells wondering whether Jekyll or Hyde would walk in the door, no more silent treatment that made my soul cave in from the pain, no more embarrassment from his sexual comments with other women, no more playing detective and uncovering another lie, another infidelity, no more collapsing in a puddle of tears in my bedroom closet so the kids wouldn’t hear, no more trying to breathe in the presence of his on and off again cruelty, no more fear of what devastating blow I’d have to endure next, no more having my skin crawl when he woke me up at two a.m. to take what he needed. And no more feeling like I was the most unattractive, unworthy, and worthless woman on the planet. This is what freedom looks and feels like for me, but first I had to learn what real love even looked like, which I finally found when I looked in the mirror.

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