The seduction of shoes

Willow you will

Willow you won’t

Willow you do

Willow you don’t

You are covered

By the branches

Of girl shoe


No affliction

Nor contradiction

To the soul

Of your feet

And the soul

Of your up beat



Heels and reels

Of excitement!

I have a special suitcase, just for my shoes.

This suitcase is carry-on. It means I can jam 14 pair in one bag, a Samsonite bag, and fly off knowing my feet are sorted. And knowing that, means all else is secondary.

14 pair = 28 single shoes.

Fashion writers say you start an outfit off with the shoes. Interesting. I’ve always grabbed the dress first and made my shoes second priority. Which is why I’m sometimes late…since if the shoes don’t match I have to start all over again and it can be stressful.

Ladies, try starting with your shoes this week. Let’s see how it goes…

So a month ago my lightweight stylish Samsonite bag with all my shoes in it, walked on the plane, to New Zealand. Not easy. I was going to Tahiti and Rarotonga as well, so it was winter summer winter summer and tooooo many shoes to choose to suit both. Like how is a woman who adores shoes able to select only TWO pair of boots and sandals plus runners plus heels plus midlevels to wear for that entire month? STRESSFUL.

The excitement is choosing those shoes with this outfit and rearranging it all in a frenzy of creativity. How tedious, soul destroying and inhibiting would it be with such a small selection to choose from?

Come on ladies, you know know know how it feels….

What you don’t know quite as well perhaps is that men aren’t as concerned with those shoes as you are. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, men love your smile, your smell, your voice, your female projections and most of all your CONFIDENCE. So why not ditch the shoe frenzy for less fuss and anxiety? NEVER! It’s the right shoes that GIVE you that ring of confidence! Indeed. If you’re not comfortable feeling uncomfortable in heels or fantasizing over how you’re a goddess on steroid stilettoes then what’s the point in going out to that special occasion at all? For me my shoes are EVERYTHING. Right shoes = no bitch will stop me confidence! Sorry but I really do not like bitches.

Now you can be confident but look awkward, oh yes……unless you can walk and stride and strut with ease, DO NOT wear those lofty shoes. Guys do tend to notice shoes when you look uncomfortable in them. It’s not attractive watching a woman wobble.

Now the first thing I notice in a guy is his shoes….unless of course his smile and confidence are outstanding. So I agree, looking down can be averted if you’re looking straight ahead at this glowing, smiling dude exuding all that nice, perky character within. However, the minute I spot dowdy, unpolished, old man wrinkled shoes it’s an instant turnoff. Totally. I don’t wish it to be that way but it is. I do judge a man by his shoes.

I was speaking with a friend recently. A male friend of hers had five hundred shoes. Men also get carried away down under. But to attribute the label ‘shoe fetish’ means more than just having lots of shoes. It apparently means you must have your shoes in sight in order to feel secure. It also means your shoes are an alternative or complement to a relationship with a partner. Basically you see your shoes as sex objects and they need to be there for the action!

Most people actually like shoes anyhow. Over half of those surveyed in various sample studies, preferred shoes, boots and other footwear as an object most associated with the body. So shoes are indeed popular appurtenances.

Now before heading to my wardrobe to try on my latest black Mi Piaci boots with this amazing hand stitched trim, I have a word for other big footed Sasquatch women out there like me. If you’re in Auckland, New Zealand, pop into Willow Shoes. My size 43 flippers are overshadowed by other bigger shoes and I feel like I’m at the top of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree about to head off to shoe land!

And here are my two shoe poems…based on Willow, since they had a lovely blank board for customers to write on and I got inspired….after purchasing FIVE sale pair!

Willow tree of shoes

To bemuse the soul

Of my foot

Into servitude

To the trunk of esteemed


For all a woman fantasizes over

In bed at night

’Tis her shoes

on the floor

beneath her feet

above mortality

and all that walks this earth

in adoration

of heels

high on stilettoes

raised on platforms

separated by wedges

from all that is dull

and lifeless

she is