Winners at the 2016 Gulfood Show

Suzanne Itani has worked with International Exports, Inc., in Houston, Texas, as chief executive officer since 2010. A successful international vendor, Suzanne Itani’s teams have attend the prestigious Gulfood Show annually.

One of the most internationally recognized award shows of its kind, the Gulfood Awards honor quality and innovation across various sectors of the food and hospitality industry. Each year, more than 20 awards are handed out in various categories. The 2016 Gulfood Awards were held in February in Dubai, the permanent home of the ceremony, and 22 vendors and companies were presented with awards for different distinctions.

The Goods Collective & Co. took home one of the 2016 show’s top honors, earning the Best New Functional Food or Drink award for its chocolate with live bio-cultures. Other nominees for the word included Dum Dum fitness water by Bibita, the United Foods Company’s Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee, and organic protein pasta by Max Sport. Other winners at the 2016 Gulfood Awards ranged from Mendes Gonçalves winning Best New Fast Food Product or Innovation for its Mediterranean-flavored ketchup to TH Food Chain Joint Stock Company’s School Milk Campaign taking home the Best Health Education Initiative Award.

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