2016 was one hell of a year.

I started it with the intention of finishing the year with a fully set up Suzi Spins store selling a variety of hand spun yarns, inspired by the fandoms I love, by current events and by what I see in the city I live in.

By the end of the year I was wiped out. 2016 saw me diagnosed with a number of incurable illnesses (most of which will then cause other conditions. It’s like a cascading effect). I ended up a wheelchair user- a wheelchair is a fantastic enablement tool and without mine I’d be unable to work, or leave the house, but the adjustment from an invisibly disabled person to a very visibly disabled person has been interesting….

2017 looks to be full of similar adjustment. I’m attempting to be bolder in my fibre arts- adding socks and jumpers to my knitting repertoire. My full time day job is interesting and challenging, though I struggle with the long public transport commute, and with the amount of time I spend sick.

But maybe 2017 will be a transformative year? I guess we’ll see…