Progressive Yarnery

So my spindling has gone on great guns in the last week. I've managed to produce an aran weight mini skein that actually knitted up into a usable coaster.

Aran weight skein on the left, mat coaster on the right

After much despairing that I’d only be capable of making inconsistent thickness super chunky or aran weights, I've finally managed to produce fingering weight yarns. And I've managed to turn some Merino and Dorset Horn into 15m of a deliciously knittable fingering weight yarn which I'm knitting up into a wrap. Of course 15 metres isn't enough to make a wrap so I’ll have to spin up more….

Merino Batt (left), skein being wrapped (centre) and finished (washed and fulled) skein (right)

Next week I am *very* excited because the husband has purchased me some Rainbow Sprinkles from Hilltop Cloud which I'm going to make into a Vortex Shawl.

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