So the New Year celebrations disrupted my blogging, but not my adventures through yarn. Over the last few days I have spun many more things, made my first (and second!) plied skeins of yarn, knitted them into ugly bathmat like lumps and then sewed them together into what I have decided will be a fibre collage of my attempts to learn knitting and spinning. It’s ugly as sin, but sentimental on a personal level.

First plied skein (left) and the first single, knitted up and sewn into the fibre collage (left)

It’s hard to not be instantly producing beautiful yarns that soft drapey garments can be made of, but there is a beauty in these rough, imperfect, rope-like creations of mine. The patience of learning an ancient skill, untutored so to speak, with only YouTube to guide me is turning out to be almost meditative.

Grey Jacobs, spun and moved onto a chopstick (right) alongside some spun Dorset Horn (left) which is ready for plying.

I'm starting to feel bolder in my spinning choices- combining two types of fibre to try and create a barber pole style yarn, and wistfully dreaming of pay day so I can buy a wider range of fibres in different colours to try.

Dorset/ Jacobs plied yarn on the spindle (left), the hideous bathmat like lump it knitted up to, added to the fibre collage (right)

Eventually I will improve, and making beautiful, usable yarn won’t be an issue. This is, afterall, a learning process. It can be disheartening though to see what some people claim is their ‘first’ skein and it’s something beautiful and immediately knittable into a garment.

But learning and progress are not linear journeys, so for now I’ll carry on learning, and trying, and failing, and sometimes not failing… eventually I might even end up good at this amazing hobby of mine.

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