The first yarn

So last night I played with the spindle. First, some pictures:

Spinning Fibres- the black fibre is from a Jacobs sheep, the white is from a Dorset Horn. Both are undyed, just washed and ‘carded’

The spinning kit I purchased is BEAUTIFUL and comes with some really gorgeous fibres in it, including a merino top that looks just heavenly. I'm saving that until I can spin actually usable yarn, because I want to make a scarf with it.

Spinning Kit on the left, gorgeous merino in the middle, and on the left the spindle and other fibres- white Bluefaced Leicester, brown Shetland Morit and Grey Jacobs.

I started off using the white BFL fibre because I've been told it’s the easiest to spin. Now, I'm entirely theoretically self taught- I've been obsessively watching YouTube videos and reading Abby Franquemonts ‘Respect The Spindle’. This was my first time actually doing anything with the fibre. The result is an inconsistent, entirely unusable yarn, that I removed from the spindle immediatley because I didn’t know you should leave it to let the twist settle. That said, I am immensley proud of it. I made a thing, and with practise I can just get better.

Very first yarn
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