We are excited to see the community’s space mission proposals!

“A single step cannot get you to your destination, and a single person can not change the world. But, a single step begins the journey, and a single person leads the way.” — Mikkel Haaheim

Having reached the four-month mark, Space Decentral’s Coral has taught us a lot about crowdsourcing space missions

Initial Steps

I wanted to be a relevant part of the constant evolution of the aerospace community.

South Park’s Cartman is Carlos Gonzalez-Rivera’s avatar in Space Decentral and social media

Tell us a bit about your background and how space became part of your life.

Our Notice of Intent period passed, but you still have a chance to propose a space mission

Apollo 11 mission in progress — Image courtesy of NASA

With 25+ years in aerospace, John brings a shared passion for the moon and expertise in systems test engineering

John Paterson inside the Apollo 17 Command Module. Source: Photo from John’s archives.

I wanted to explore the possibilities of outer space, unbound from preconceptions of Earth architecture.

Artistic concept of an operational New Venice outpost, by author

SMAP’s Rules & Guidelines have been released

The first month of working together on a shared lunar mission

The Space Mission Activation Process is going full speed

Just released — Rules & Guidelines

Suzi Bianco

I’m a space architect, excited for what’s to come!

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