Succesful BOTS??

If you want to create a successful bot you’ll want to spend more time thinking about your customers and less about new features for your bot. If you follow this advice what you’ll find is that most users don’t care about chatting with your bot or even your bot’s personality. In fact they don’t really care about bots. They care about their jobs. If a bot can help them do their job better, faster more accurately then they’ll likely be interested in it; they’ll install it and they’ll use it.

If we look at everyday examples such as dealing with our mobile phone provider or utility company it is apparent, to me at least, that we do not contact these companies to be engaged. I have no interest in talking to my water company, broadband provider or other unless there is a problem and I have a “job to be done”. From numerous conversations I have had in my profession I find that Customer Service leaders are wrestling with finding a way to automate the simple queries that actually account sometimes for 80% of contact i.e. “my bill is high”, “I want to cancel”, “I have lost internet service” or simply “promotion codes”.

We are now in a world where AI promises everything but what I suggest is, keep the BOTs doing the simple stuff such as finding out who you are, and the intent of your contact, and when it gets a little complicated find the optimal channel to route the customer i.e. Automation, Chat, Phone, Social.

I recently spent 20 minutes chatting to my mobile provider (web-chat) trying to add international calling, only to be given a link which solved my problem. I couldn’t help but feel that a BOT could have solved that problem for me quicker, just as well and I quite frankly I wouldn’t have cared that this was a robot.

If you are thinking about BOTs and how they can help you reduce time spent chatting and on the phone to your customers get in touch