My American persona

Hello, My name is Kimberly Brown. I’m 25 year. I came from Toronto in Canada. I live in Baltimore, state Maryland. Also my family and I lived in German about eleven years. So I went to Primary school in German. Besides, I study University of California, San Francisco. My future specialty is neurosurgery .

Often people ask me: «Why you choose a neurosurgery?» My answer is very easy: «Why not? It’s interesting and exciting». After, people become to call me a strange.

Moreover, I enjoy to my stydies also every day. I like to learn new information and I really love to draw visceral organs. These are picture help me better to understand information. By the way, I can show my collection:

Besides, my father’s name is Kevin. He is 55 year. He works a businessman; my families have drug-store chain. Yes, my dad is doctor, only he finished working in hospital about five years ago. Telling the truth, he was a good doctor but he can’t let off a dearth little girl, so he left a hospital.

My mom is Nadine, she was born in Philippines. She is 50. Of Course, her real name is Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre. She is She is musician, she play the piano. In young age, she was famous pianist when my parents got married, she become to work a teacher.

Also, I have a brother and my sister. My brother is Kane, he is 19. He studies at university. My brother football player and he get sport-scholarship. He want to become best football player. By the way, Kevin can get on the game his favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo. My brother can take autograph of a football player.

My sister is Katherine, she is 15 and she study school. She is a good pupil, better me. Because she finished musical school and she does to dance school every day. Also, she involved in many school club: cheerleading choir and drama club. She is unique.

As for me, I have bear oneself well, I’m slender. I have got dark brown eyes. My face is oval. Also, my skin is swarthy. I’m enough tall, my growth is 1 meter and 78 centimeters. I’m naughty, jealous, funny and friendly. But I often laugh when I don’t to the point and I do it very loud and I knock my hand by people and subjects.

Finally, my hobby is read anatomy books, draw visceral organs, ride on bicycle and run in the morning. I like to run in the park near my residence hall.