My second day at university.

To begin with, my day was very cheerful and amazing. Our teachers distributed us several teams and we were to have made different tasks.

Firstly, our group found the Confucius Institute. It was difficult way for us. We did not know a road. But we coped with a task and we make a good photo. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Chinese.

Secondly, next place for snapshot was near statue of N.A. Dobrolubov.

Third, we sought the Small Assembly Hall. Our team ran on the floors. Every classmate was be glad when we found necessary place.

Also, we know where located the Main library, The University’s Drama Club, The University President, Economic Department, the English language and Personal Department.

Moreover, my new acquaintance and I took crazy photo. It was amusingly.

Our team didn’t won in the game.

Finally, I’m happy that I met with new people who were lively, talkative and friendly. It was amusingly. This day become unforgettable.

Thank you for browsing.

Have a nice day!

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