Airbnb Concept: The Largest Art Gallery in The World

It was a hot day in July of 2016 as I hopped out of the train in Florence with my girlfriend and close friend on the eve of my birthday. As we were browsing the hundreds of listings on Airbnb for a place to stay, we were instantly glued to the apartment above, which was partly an art exhibition. We ended up befriending our host and spending my birthday evening discussing the apartment’s Florentine paintings, furniture, and sculptures over wine as we learned more about the local art scene and culture.

Needless to say, this was easily one of my favorite Airbnb experiences. Reflecting back on it, I realized there was something more than just a beautifully decorated apartment; it was deeper than the superficial layer that first meets the eye- it was an artistic emergence in the local culture. This got me thinking about enhancing my future Airbnb experiences…

Everybody loves traveling. Everybody loves art. Airbnb is in a position to create a unique marriage between the two worlds by converting homes around the world into art galleries and immerse travelers in local art with the option to purchase pieces they love.

Everybody Wins: The Experience

The Guests

  1. Check into Airbnb and are surrounded by painting, photographs, and sculptures of local artists.
  2. If they fall in love with a piece, they can simply purchase using the Airbnb app without extra hassle.
  3. Profits are split between local artists and the host, while Airbnb charges a small fee.
  4. Guests have a great experience.

The Host

  1. Needs to decorate the house to make it more desirable to guests, why not make some additional money and promote local art?
  2. Airbnb connects them with local artists who wish to sell their pieces by displaying them in the Airbnb.
  3. The Host makes extra money without extra work.

The Artist

  1. Wants to sell his/her art, so they turn to the most popular place in the city for foreign art lovers- local Airbnbs.
  2. Contacted by Hosts that are interested
  3. Displays art in Hosts' house.
  4. Collect payments once the art is sold, pays Host a gallery fee.

This concept would further Airbnb’s mission of bringing the world closer by providing a global platform for local artists to showcase their talents and gain exposure, financially support the local art scene, and generate an extra revenue channel for everybody involved.