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Around 2010, Houston Airport started experiencing an increase in complaints about baggage claim wait times. As a countermeasure, executives increased the staff and complaints were somewhat reduced but persisted. A deeper investigation uncovered that the average walk time from the gate to baggage claim was about 1 minute, and the wait time was around 7 minutes; in other words, passenger spent nearly 90% of the time waiting. Armed with this info, the airport made an interesting design decision: it moved baggage claim for arriving gates to the outermost carousel, forcing passengers to walk 6 times longer to retrieve their bags. The complaints virtually disappeared overnight.

While all the attention is focused on sexy tech, the world around is filled with clever, interesting, and often invisible design decisions that are underappreciated:

I started DesignSecrets.org as a way to capture, organize, and share interesting design patterns from across disciplines and the world in order to create an indispensable resource for city planners, interior designers, architects, and design students and professionals who wish to expand their perspective and knowledge. I hope you find it useful and enjoy uncovering the world’s design secrets:

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