6 Essential Rules of Engagement When Marketing to Moms

One of the first things you learn when working with consumer packaged goods clients is that moms are incredibly important. A significant reason being that these women often hold the purse strings for the entire household. Win the loyalty of one mom and you gain 3+ consumers . Though, no longer do Tupperware parties rule the scene, nor does one-off reviews by mommy bloggers. There are new rules of engagement, and it’s best you take notice or risk losing out on these valuable consumers. Here are the new rules of engagement for marketing to moms:

1. Keep it brief, beautiful, and simple

It’s no surprise that moms are incredibly busy. Moms value brevity and efficient use of their time because they’re juggling a thousand tasks at once. Give them the most relevant message that they can take something from right away. It doesn’t hurt if it’s pleasing to the eyes — this is what’s so captivating about Pinterest. If you’re using video, it’s better to use a 30 second spot and delight moms than a 1-minute long video that loses their attention along the way.

2. Never market to moms as a niche

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mom . Just because one mom likes yoga doesn’t mean the next one will. Moms are all very different: yoga moms, single moms, organic moms, etc. Your audience can and should be split into specific segments and subsegments. Here are some ways to subdivide your mom category and assign personas:

  1. Demographic: age, income, race, millennials, urban etc.
  2. Product Category: spicy food lover, curly-hair, car owner, etc.
  3. Behavior: rated 5 stars, shared review, >2 minutes on site etc.
  4. Geography: near Costco, Chicago, North America etc.

The more specific you are, the better because there are different channels to communicate with each group. You can find affinity groups online and offline to target cheaply and efficiently.

3. Don’t be stereotypical in your messaging

Moms are often portrayed as frazzled and cookie cutter. In reality, they are used to dealing with a lot of bull, so don’t try to be generic with them. As mentioned above, one size doesn’t fit all. Some ads may pull at your heart strings like the Google Chrome: Dear Sophie ad or make you laugh like the Volkswagen: The Force commercial. It’s hard to go wrong if you pull in family and sentimentality with a hint of humor. Also, moms are do-it-all superwomen, so why not depict them that way?

4. Recommendations drive purchase

According to Stacy DeBroff, founder of MomCentral, “Anything that comes from a brand is inherently biased” and “even if a brand brings on a celebrity or a medical expert, moms don’t feel like this person is genuine.” She says that when a mom reads a review, these reviews do translate into purchasing behavior (or not if it’s a bad review). Therefore, the goal for brands is to get the mom on your side and advocate for your brand. Click here to read one particularly effective way of doing that.

5. Build relationships, not campaigns

Whenever brands want to target moms, the strategy I hear over and over again is “target mommy bloggers.” Though, simply cold calling mommy bloggers and offering a nik-nak for a plug simply doesn’t cut it. You need to build an ongoing relationship with the blogger, which means it’s mutually beneficial . Think about what you can do for this person now and in the future to nurture a genuine relationship. Some ways include:

  1. Comment on her blog regularly
  2. Doing cool promotional events in her area? Invite her out as a VIP guest and give her opportunities to share her VIP reputation with her own audience
  3. Offer her press or the opportunity for a quote if a big news source is doing a piece on your brand
  4. Save her time and offer to guest blog for her (a post that isn’t completely self serving/selling your brand)
  5. Acknowledge her as an expert in your own blog
  6. Send her cool products just because she’s awesome and you appreciate the relationship
  7. If she makes a recommendation on how you can improve your brand, and it’s doable, then do it. Next, show her you did. Knowing she has a voice in your company will marry her to it

6. Engage with your audience when they reach out to you

A study by Acquity Group shows that 73% of customer tweets go unanswered. This is a prime opportunity to build relationships with moms (and all customers) that gets wasted. When you help them in their time of need, they’ll become loyal, tell their friends, and purchase. Take this strategy one step further, and target all the unanswered tweets of your competitors . They probably don’t think it’s worth their time addressing, but by the time they start seeing their customer base leaving them for you, it’ll be too late. Check out these 10 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools that can help you monitor your brand and others.


  1. Win the loyalty of one mom and you gain 3+ consumers
  2. Keep it brief, beautiful, and simple
  3. Never market to moms as a niche
  4. Don’t be stereotypical in your messaging
  5. Recommendations drive purchase
  6. Build relationships, not campaigns
  7. Engage with your audience when they reach out to you


Marketing to moms can be very efficient and rewarding, but the rules of engagement with them are constantly evolving. There will always be new mediums and technologies to learn, but the fundamental concept of creating genuine relationships with these moms won’t change. Follow these 6 steps and you’ll be on your way to winning over loyal mommy hearts and households.

What other rules of engagement have you noticed that help market to moms?