Creative Places to Find Moms Online and Offline

We’ve mentioned various strategies to build relationships with moms, but it’s useless unless you know where to find them. Here’s a few new places moms can be found on and off the web.

These Millennial Events Are All the Rage


Did you think your honeymoon was a great time to get away with your spouse? This is a similar vacation that’s meant to be a time of relaxation and calm with your partner before the craziness of a newborn comes into your life. There’s opportunities for anything from clothing to food, services, and more for promotions, content, and product placement — just check outbabymoons on Pinterest for some inspiration.


This is when a couple reveals to their family and friends what the gender of the child is. If you’re a food or beverage company, many parents are choosing to reveal the gender with tasty treats covered in gender indicative colors.


Why wait the full year? Every month is so dramatically different in a newborn’s life parents are increasingly celebrating half birthdays. Embrace the trend and make it a reason to reach out to moms — congratulate them and their child on social media, offer promotional codes as half birthday gifts, and embed warm sentiment into your ads.


The concept of having a brand sponsored party is nothing new; it’s been done with makeup, luxury handbags, clothing, and more. This time, brands are sponsoring MommyParties. This type of promotion/event is great if you want a high level of engagement with your moms. It may be difficult to find high-influencer moms to host the parties, but that’s why companies like the one linked above exist. They’ll help you out!

What Mommies Are Watching, Reading, and Browsing


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are still the leaders. Samantha Cescau, Strategy Director at BBH, says, “Facebook is best for a mainstream audience, while Twitter targets a more affluent, tech-savvy mom . This high-tech mom can be used as an influencer, but Twitter might not be the best way to get to an average mom.” They’re all becoming increasingly important though because moms are using social media more and more as a way to build their own social circles. This means that they’ll be found talking about more than just typical “mommy” topics. MediaPost says moms are “the chattiest when the topic focused on makeup, skin care, diet, food and financial services.” If you sell any of these products, see if you can find sub-groups, pages, boards, etc. that focus on moms sharing about these subjects.


MomTV is a website where moms post their own web series on everything from traditional mommy subjects to fashion, style, food, entertainment, and more.


“Mommy bloggers” are often the first place marketers look to build engagement and spread word about their brand to this valuable audience. Though, it doesn’t work to simply cold call mommy bloggers and offer them something to plug your product . There’s new rules of engagement — click here to read those. Once you’ve understood that it takes a longer term commitment and effort to build a relationship with these bloggers, you can check out this list of a few top bloggers in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  1. Babymoon, gender reveal parties, and half birthdays are great events to find moms
  2. If you’re looking for a mainstream mom, choose Facebook. For more affluent and tech-savvy, focus on Twitter
  3. Networking and how-to sites like MomTv are great communities to target as well
  4. It takes a longer term commitment and effort to build a relationship with mommy bloggers, but it can pay off


Moms are increasingly the highest value consumer in the CPG space along with other industries as well. Thanks to the internet and moms’ presence in it, they are that much easier to engage with. If you know where to look, you’ll be able to build quality relationships to the consumers who count.

Where else have you gotten mommy customer attention on or off the web?

Originally Published on Swaggable Insights Blog