The Truth About The Trump Revolution (Trump and the Australian Media)

I’ve come to learn that the Australian media is extremely homogeneous, and controlled by very few players. Compared to America, there is very little variety of opinion in the Australian media and it generally aligns not far from the political centre. In this post I will make the argument for a greater diversity of opinion in the Australian media.

Australian Media

In terms of who controls the media narrative in Australia, I give the slightly left-leaning Fairfax Media one-third of the influence, the right-leaning News Corps another one-third of the influence, and the ABC and others, like the left-wing Guardian, the final third of influence in the Australian news media landscape.

I’ve created a chart of my breakdown of Australian newspapers and news websites, showing political alignment and whether they are academic or popular in style. You can pause the video to check it out. It’s just my opinion after doing a little research.

US Election

Considering all platforms, TV, radio and online, the US media has far more voices and has a greater variety of opinion than the Australian media.

I’ve never been very politically-minded but when I started following the US election in August 2016 (3 months from election day), it was obvious that over 90% of the American media favoured Hillary Clinton. As negative hit pieces on Trump continued to flow through my Facebook News Feed, I was confused by the negativity surrounding Trump. I hadn’t followed the election until that point and I decided to dig deeper.

When I first heard Trump was running for president, I thought that it would be good to have a successful businessman and non-politician as president that can fund his own campaign and not be accountable to corporations and government lobbyists. After not really caring about the election before August, I became obsessed with following the story of the election and finding out the truth for myself.

As I found various media sources online, I found myself increasing rooting for the underdog Trump, regardless of his policy positions, which seemed reasonable enough and supportive of everyday people, and not the elites.

Hillary Clinton played the campaign game, not of policy, but by aligning herself with the left-wing narratives like sexism and racism that have dominated the media in recent years.

Meanwhile, Trump trail-blazed, with a speech at a new city nearly every day, and three or more speeches every day near the end, hammering home his message of stronger border control, ending government corruption, improving healthcare and bringing more jobs to America by renegotiating trade deals.

Hillary Clinton rarely spoke in public, and it was to tiny crowds. She had the media on her side, the corporate campaign money, and the big business commenters and celebrities all on her side.

Because I took in a variety of media sources, I could see how the mainstream media misinformed, intentionally left out information and even outright lied to support the Clinton agenda. Wikileaks revealed how the Democratic Party conspired many times with the media, and debate questions were passed on to the Clinton campaign.

Clinton herself was even linked to groups whose job it was to actually start violence at Trump events, as exposed by Project Veritas. These stories got very little attention in the US media or abroad, and were abruptly disregarded with little justification.

Just six corporations own the majority of the US media, including Hollywood film studios, TV stations and the music industry. From 1983 to 2011, 50 media companies consolidated to just 6 companies, and they all clearly supported Hillary Clinton.

Even in this environment, Trump’s message still got through on radio and on the internet, and even significantly altering the political landscape.

Alex Jones

At the forefront of the opposition was Alex Jones, whose daily radio and TV broadcasts and online streams were the junction point of the new alternative media and the resistance movement. As the media painted Trump as the second coming of Hitler, Alex Jones’ analysis told a very different story.

From what I’ve learnt, using various US media sources to follow the election, Alex Jones, was one of very few attempting to tell the truth. He was the one that gave the most background, detail and context to the events of the election fiasco. He’s clear about his biases and agenda, and he and his team of writers and reporters identify as libertarian, which emphasises personal freedom, small government and individual judgement as most important.

Alex Jones began a small radio show over 20 years ago in support of the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment is the right of citizens to keep and bare arms, to have guns. The founders of the United States over 200 years ago knew about government oppression in Europe, and wanted to set up the United States to promote freedom of the individual, and minimise the possibility of government oppression, first with the constitution, which was then copied by other nations around the world, and then with ten amendments making up the Bill of Rights to ensure personal freedom.

These amendments were passed and became law. The first being, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to protest. And then straight onto the second amendment which is the right to keep and carry guns. Nowadays these laws might seem ridiculus but they knew back in the day that if the people are armed, their government is less likely to become tyrannical.

Each state in the US was kept intact and the electoral college voting system was developed to further decentralise power from Washington and to make sure each state kept its sovereignty, and had a voice.

It is in the same spirit that Alex Jones started his local radio show over 20 years ago in Austin, Texas. From his life-long research and study of history, his documentaries, his growing team of reporters, writers and contributors, and countless guests over the years, the show has grown into the main alternative voice, the main junction point for many alternative and libertarian researchers and authors.

They conservatively reach 20–40 million people a week on multiple platforms and have a strong word-of-mouth following, including half a billion views on youtube, online video and audio streams, social media, and a very popular website at

Throughout his career, Alex Jones has been put in the box of quote “conspiracy theorist” so people will ignore him. He’s been labelled a racist and white supremicist, both based on no evidence at all. He’s been demonised for spreading fake news, all the time revealing the corporate mainstream media as the the real creators of fake news. The main culprits were CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and late night comedy talk shows on TV, which all have large audiences in the US and globally.

Although people have known about “that crazy Texan” for a while, his main “coming out” was on CNN with Piers Morgan in 2013 discussing gun control, an issue he will not compromise.

As you watch the following long clip of The Alex Jones Show from the 3rd January 2017, just over 2 weeks before the inauguration of Donald Trump as the next president, keep in mind that at first it may be difficult to accept some of the points being made because they are so different to what you are used to hearing from the mainstream media and Australian media. I’ve chosen this clip because he lays it all out so concisely and references recent events and how they all fit together.

Please stay open-minded and understand that this is a very brief overview of many events and findings from the election cycle, and the details were covered at great length in previous shows as they happened.

This video will contain information on world events not covered by the Australian and international media because of Alex Jones’ access to high-level US military and intelligence agency sources, and because of his 20 years of research and study of history.

What if the “conspiracy theorist” is actually right? What if his life-long research and on-air examination of globalist elites’ publications, books and articles, where they openly admit their plans to bring in authoritarian world government is in fact true? Should we listen?

What if the crazy Texan from the heartland of liberty in America is right? I think it’s worth a listen and worth further research.


  1. Conservatism is the new counterculture.
  2. Trump’s victory is a swing towards conservatism.
  3. True conservatism has been neglected for decades.
  4. Modern liberals resort to shaming and censorship.
  5. Liberalism and conservatism are both necessary and complementary.
Please check out my video that contains a long clip from the Alex Jones Show as mentioned above: