Damn Right Amazon Runs a Fucking Deficit and So Should America
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

An Even Better Solution Would Be…

We could and definitely should, stop running on debt, and simply pay our bills from the treasury by creating our own money, instead of farming it out to the Federal Reserve, which is neither a reserve nor is it federal. It’s a private enterprise, and one that has done very well issuing our money and charging us interest. We pay interest on every dollar issued.

The US is not an enterprise, its not even a business. It’s a government. It was established as a democratic republic. Debt is what enslaves us all by controlling our money.

Learn how money is created as debt. Ex: When you buy a house, the bank doesn’t have the money to loan to pay for it, its all a big scam, the money is created out of thin air, when you sign the mortgage, and before you get out the door, that mortgage is sold to another institution, and both banks pocket the profit, while you pay interest first, then eventually the principal. It’s your promise to pay that creates the value, they just take advantage of your ignorance of how the game is played.

It’s a bad deal from the gitgo, for the borrower that is. For the banks its like taking candy from a baby. You’ll pay for the term while the bankers go on vacations at your expense. We could pay the debt, all of it, and be debt free, pay our bills, have less worries, and live debt free, actually be free, if our money were issued by the government. We’ve been snookered.

The stock market is another way we are taken advantage of, the fix is in there too. The markets are rigged. There are scandals galore, such as the libor interest price fixing. When the banks get caught, they simply pay the fines and keep on doing business. They are absolutely pirates, but its the people who are being “skullfucked”.

Your thesis sounds good on the surface, but you are wrong to believe it. It’s your beliefs that have been co-opted. Get hip to the scams, dig a little deeper. One day, the debt comes due and if you’re heavily leveraged, you’ll take a long dive to the sidewalk because you’ve lost everything you’ve been working for. Amazon can operate that way because it is an enterprise. The US is not, although some people try to run it that way.

Debt is destroying our way of life by reducing the value of everything.

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