Here’s the Deal: The Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Pres. Obama (Archives)

This deal stinks. If you don’t know what Technocracy is, and few people seem aware, you’d better learn because that is what is being shoved down our throats. China is already a technocracy. Scientism, transhumanism, and sustainable development are just a few of the things that technocrats are pushing for. This is feudalism, where a king rules, and the rest of us pay rent and suffer repression. We are way down the road on this, and nothing short of a people’s revolution will stop it. Shame on you Barack, you commit treason every day it seems. Murder, theft, and more are on your table because you went along with this corporate conspiracy. You are a modern day Judas, who got rich by selling out your constituency. You have to live with that. Corporate troll.

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