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The Smart DEX Chain (previously known as the SwapDEX Smart Chain) is the native blockchain of the SwapDEX platform. In order to interact with the Smart DEX Chain, you will need to add the chain network details to your MetaMask wallet. For ease of reference we will jump straight into the details to set the Smart DEX Chain up in MetaMask, but please read on past this opening section if you do not have MetaMask set up for some further instructions on that front.

In the following article, we will take a deeper look at the economics behind the incoming SDX coin. We’re going to have some fun nerding out with some tables to help illustrate the expected mining returns and we will walk you through what it all means for you in regards to the supply for the coin as well as some considerations about economic factors that are likely to impact the price of SDX.

Please refer to our last article for the specifics, but for a quick recap, the new SwapDEX Smart Chain (SSC) will be supported by masternodes being run…

In today’s article, we are delighted to provide some answers to some of the community’s burning questions, namely about running a node for the SwapDEX Smart Chain (SSC) and the roll-out of the new version of the SDX coin.

When we were considering the amount of SDX that should be required to run a node, we set out to strike a happy medium to set it at a level that requires a decent, meaningful investment, but one that was not out of reach for most people, especially early investors. Part of the core identity of the project is an absolute…

Originally published on Mar 6 2021 on our previous Medium account.

Hello from all the team at SwapDEX. In our last article, we touched on the importance of moving to our own chain and the difficult choice we made to delay the intended soft launch to prioritise launching on our own chain opposed to launching on the Ethereum network. This pivot was made due to the crazy state of gas prices — you may be desensitised to it, but it is not OK to have to pay upwards of $50 to make a simple trade. …

Originally published on Feb 23 2021 on our previous Medium account

Today we are delighted to present to the community the first of many articles on our Medium account. For our first article, we will take a look at what awaits you on SwapDEX’s two trading platforms, the Swap exchange and our Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

Both exchanges are currently accessible, but is important to stress that the exchanges, especially the DEX, do not have their full suite of features activated. We are regularly working on the code so we cannot presently guarantee the performance of the DEX. We therefore recommend…


Swap and Decentralised exchchanges, OTC, Limit Orders, In-House & P2P Loans, Staking and Stablecoin all on our own decentralised chain for all your DeFi needs.

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