[Part 3] How a world of shared prosperity created by ICOs will impact your life.

Check out the Part 1 which is about how ICOs are the beginning of an era of shared prosperity.

You can also check the part 2 which is a more in-depth analysis on how ICOs are changing the economics of organizations.

Now, this is the part 3 about how a world of shared prosperity created by ICOs will impact your life. Enjoy your reading.

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Brace yourself, a silent revolution is happening as we speak.

As every change fueled by an exponential technology, it is deceptive at first. But it is about to become disruptive soon.

I want you to stop for a moment and think about your relationship with the companies you consume products and services from.

You use Email, probably Gmail or Yahoo. You use social relationship sites, probably Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. You consume media, probably YouTube or Television, which is paid in advertising revenue. You have a cell phone, which you bought for a lot of money and pay an expensive monthly fee to a service provider for a few GBs of mobile data. You use electricity and you pay per KW consumed.

Your relationship with those companies is based on the idea that you consume their products/services and you pay them, either in money, in Ad revenue or with your data.

Think about that for a minute. You generate A LOT of value to those companies. May it be in direct revenue from you, or in indirect revenue from advertising or by selling your data.

What if, instead of you paying them, the companies paid YOU for accessing your precious eyeballs or your personal data. And what if instead of having three cell data providers and one electricity providers you had hundreds to choose from, what would be the cost and quality for the service ?

That is how a world after a million ICOs will look like. That will be the world enabled by the blockchain, the internet of value. In which every piece of value generated can be represented by a token, and the ownership of that token can be transferred frictionless.

In this world, innovation will be funded by the crowd and the crowd will have the power. The way to profit maximization will not be concentration, but decentralization.

How will the world after a million ICOs impact you?

If you work for a traditional corporation: I have bad news for you. I am sorry, but disruption is going to get you. The rise of the ICOs is removing the barriers to entry to your market and, soon, is going to erode your profit margins. Some other bad news is that you can not copy the strategy of your adversaries. If you are a publicly traded company, the [1] SEC already warned that it is illegal to do a “reverse ICO”.

But this would be a great time to quit your corporate job and become an entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur: Congratulations, it is a great time to be an entrepreneur. The technology which will cause one of the biggest impacts in the early 21st century is already here.

Now you can use it to disrupt the industry and solve the problem which you are more passionate about.

Just remember that the key to this new economy is to design the system for decentralization instead of centralization, and sharing the value instead of keeping the value. Read this excellent article about [2] Token Economics Design by Jamie from [3] Outlier Ventures.

As consumers: You have the power now. You have the power to fund, experiment and spread the word of new projects which will allow you to reap the benefits of the value you are currently giving out for free for corporations.

Here are some projects that are already operational:

Instead of clicking in advertising links, watch advertising with:
[4] Basic Attention Tokens. Instead of using Chrome or Firefox, download Brave [5] Browser. Instead of using your regular asset manager app, use [6] Coindash.

Here are some other projects which are still in the ICO stage:

Instead of LinkedIn use [6] Indorse.
Instead of Instangram use [7] Nimses.
Instead of your internet old provider use [8] Ammbr.
Instead of Equifax use [9] Swapy Network. (This is our project!)
Peter Diamandis says that every exponential disruption pass through the 6 Ds.

After the invention of the blockchain, we witnessed the digitalization of value. After a Million ICOs, we will have passed through the demonetization and the democratization of it. Ownership of value will be truly decentralized and everyone will reap the benefits of the value they generate with simple activities, like watching a video, generating data, sending an email or surfing the web.

I think the world after a million ICOs will look a lot like the world of Star Trek.

No longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. Eliminating hunger and the need for possession. So, what is the challenge ? The improvement of yourself and of humanity. Pretty inspiring, right?


[1] https://www.sec.gov/oiea/investor-alerts-and-bulletins/ia_icorelatedclaims
[2] https://outlierventures.io/research/the-next-stage-in-icos-the-community-token-economy-cte/
[3] https://outlierventures.io
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[5] https://brave.com/
[6] https://indorse.io/
[7] http://www.ammbr.com/
[8] http://coindash.io/
[9] https://www.swapy.network



Swapy Network is providing Universal Access to Credit using blockchain technology. [ www.swapy.com.br ]

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Swapy Network is providing Universal Access to Credit using blockchain technology. [ www.swapy.com.br ]