$19 Trillion Declaration of Financial Independence

As we declared, the Second Wave of Blockchain Innovation has driven crypto markets to over $100 billion in value. True financial freedom requires passing over the horizon into the trillions with numbers that rival the existing financial markets. To do that we must start brining old financial world into crypto via real assets. It’s time to move from inside out to outside in.

If we set our sights on the horizon, we may soon find that even our national debt looks small in comparison with the trillions unlocked by real value..

Financially free and flying?
Or laden with debt and sinking?

Why the Swarm brought on investment bankers

Our team is made up of veterans of the financial industry. Both tech entrepreneurs who have sold multiple companies who then have gone into finance and investment banking and built platforms that have handled billions in deal flow per month, including the largest private equity platform in the world.

From the standpoint of big finance, the token system of today has limited value. “Cryptofuel” and utility tokens of today presumes a internal usage. This also means that the blockchain must “reach out” to the outside world via oracles or other complicated ways. They saw that to reach the numbers that they were used to dealing with, we must integrate with the outside world.

Real assets + real profit = ?

The first inclination of our new team was to bring on highly curated partner funds, exactly the same strategy that had lead to one of the largest deal platform in the world. What better than the Managing Partner of Sequoia Heritage (now a advisor) and three other funds that already return 25%+ in profit per year in areas like distressed real estate, art, and internal crypto projects.

Automated “Swarm” investment

As we moved forward, one clear value-add described by our partner funds is the efficient of capital deployment provided by blockchain technology. After all, shouldn’t we automate wherever possible? Current financial infrastructure is archaic and often creates needless gatekeepers and middleman.

“Swarm intelligence” is the optimum combination of human-driven recommendations with the best of artificial intelligence and automation whereever possible. With Swarm intelligence, you can have capital automatically deployed to the highest yield financial opportunities with whatever risk threshold you desire.

“Swarm” investment explainer

Lightpaper and “Swarm” governance model

If that’s not enough for you, today we are releasing our lightpaper to the public, detailing not only how we plan to unlock trillions of dollars in value by bringing “Swarm” investment to every industry sector, we also plan to stay true to our original vision and let this platform be governed for the people by the people.

Our liquid democracy system has been under development for over a year and will now find a real usage as Swarm token holders will be able to vote and select their representatives. Now how’s that for a declaration?

Many of the world’s leading experts on governance, cryptoeconomics, , and smart contracts and are also joining our team in a full-time or advisory capacity. If you think that might be you, email us at swarm@swarm.fund or join our telegram group: http://bit.ly/swarm-telegram

Purple mountain majesties wait in the horizon. Along with trillions of dollars…