Ubique Networks Transitions Toward Commercialization and Exchange Listing for Global Launch of Swarmio Esports Platform

Unique technology to improve gamer experience on a global scale.

Sydney, NS — November 4th, 2019 — Ubique Networks, provider of the Swarmio Esports Platform, is pleased to report that the Company is changing its name to Swarmio Inc. The company is announcing that it will list its shares on Toronto’s Venture Stock Exchange (TSX.V), and continue business under the name of Swarmio Media. Over the past four years, Ubique has developed the Swarmio Esports Platform to provide gamers around the globe a better gaming experience through a unique set of internet infrastructure and software technologies that power the esports ecosystem.

Swarmio’s focus now shifts from R&D to commercialization by developing key partnerships with international telecoms, esports teams and marquee game developers. The TSX-V listing will provide capital to accelerate the commercialization of the Swarmio Esports Platform while offering liquidity for its founding investors.

“Our vision is to build an international company that will support accelerated growth for the esports industry,” said Swarmio CEO and director Vijai Karthigesu. “Our platform will not only improve gameplay for billions of gamers, it will provide necessary sources of esports revenue to the industry’s key players to sustain a healthy and profitable industry.”

An ‘Official Qualifying Transaction’ for Swarmio, the first major step toward a ‘Reverse Takeover’ (RTO), was announced on October 1, 2019. An RTO is an alternative to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for a private company to list its shares for public trading. Swarmio’s shares are expected to begin trading on the TSX.V in the first quarter of 2020.

Concurrent financing was also announced as part of the RTO. Accredited, Canadian resident investors are encouraged to contact Swarmio for more information on participating.

Vijai Karthigesu, CEO & Director
Swarmio Media

Inquiries may be directed to:

Dylan Berg
Director, Corporate Development

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Swarmio Media is a global esports technology and media company that provides solutions purpose-built to support the growth of communities and organizations.

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