Devil’s Tongue

Billy bit his nails like corn on the cob.

Macey was sweating buckets, her third one was now full.

Theo and Remy hugged their blankets, no one made fun of them. They wished they’d brought their blankets along too.

Mia was laughing and crying alternatively.

The long queue was peppered with kids displaying nervous ticks. Nothing about this situation was funny. They were all lined up to walk through the rusty old door. Behind the door sat a couch called ‘The Devil’s Tongue’ which would decide their fate. Devil’s tongue was Cuminopolis’s answer to over population.

“They say, sometimes, if you’re nice and The Tongue likes you, instead of devouring you, it actually ports you off to another city or a country,” Joan whispered to her neighbours in the line.

“Stop spreading rumours, no one has lived to tell the tale,” butted Jeremy. No one had asked stupid Jeremy.

“If you tie your shoelaces in the zigzag fashion, it gets confused and sends you back to your home,” added Kristy. The kids who heard this untied their laces and got down to business. They were willing to try anything.

A loud shrieking sound from the room put them all to silence. It was Morgan’s turn go in. Everybody loved Morgan, the ones who stood close to her said their farewells. No screams were heard, Morgan was the bravest of them all.

The door opened and to everyone’s surprise out came Morgan grinning victoriously with Devil’s Tongue burning in the background.

Before anyone could ask what had happened inside, the officers rushed to the scene and carried Morgan to their superiors.