Don’t Entertain Pimples

They don’t look good on you

Image Credit To: Anyone bold enough to claim it

You are a human being and I would presume that you have or are dealing with your share of pimples. Pimples. Ah! Pimples. No one ever called out to pimples with love and rightly so. When a pimple shows up on your doorstep like the most unwelcome of guests with no intention of leaving, what do you do? First you tell yourself that it probably would vanish by tomorrow morning. Well it didn't, it just ate all your favourite food from the fridge and got fat. You keep staring at it in the mirror as if your stare is some super stare that kills pimples. Your super stare failed and pimple put on some rouge and got red. Now is the time when you poke it, apply layers and layers of cream and light a candle in the altar praying for its exit.

What about people who are pimples personified? Do you deal with them in the same manner as well? Or do you entertain them to grow and worsen your mood because you were taught to be polite? When the pimple was on your face you were quick to raise your banners against it in rebellion but when it was a person in your life you just let them trample all over you. Why?

Were you hoping that someday pimples will trend worldwide and you will be hot stuff then? Hoping that the idiot who is killing your vibe will change and be nice to you… SOMEDAY?

The concept of SOMEDAY is an unattainable utopia in the case of pimples. So, would you like a pimple?