Don’t Take Anger Management Advice From A Puffer Fish

People love assuming nonsense and looooove giving advice. This is a little guide on whom to take advice from.

Image Credit: Myself

I walk into my professor’s cabin for some assignment related work and looking worried she goes, “You’ve lost weight”

“Yes, I’ve been working out”

Her lips turn to mock smile and she replies, “Oh! Conscious and all”. She thinks I’m working out to subscribe to a certain body type. (FYI: She teaches sociology). I stand there, shocked, thinking Hold up hold up hold up! Since when is being conscious about your health a bad thing? And No I’m not trying to be size zero. I workout to gain muscles, to improve my stamina and my future. In simpler words: I workout so I don’t end up like you Ma’am. You, who after climbing 10 steps has her tongue out, heaving like a dog. That’s exactly what I don’t want. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against people that don’t work out, but why do you have to hate on me because I do?

Instance No. 2: “Your cheeks have sunken like a zombie’s. You need to eat”

“No thanks. My body is in my control. I know what I’m doing. In fact you should workout too”

I don’t what went wrong with her but something did and she snapped, “ Its very easy for you to workout. Your mum makes you food and takes care of everything. Its easy for you to say that”

“No. I’m pretty sure I’ll carry on with my health routine even when I live all by myself” said I.

“We’ll see all that 10 years from now”

“I bet you will!”

My mind again went, Hold up hold up hold up. You sit there on your chair watching TV from 8 pm to 12 am and you tell me you don’t have time to workout? Let me just congratulate you because you just pissed off TIME all the more. You have time to watch crap people act crappie on crap TV and not for a 10–30 minutes exercise session?

You sit there with a hot air balloon for a stomach and give me health advice? Once again, don’t get me wrong. I got nothing against people that don’t workout but why do you hate on me because I do?

Moral of the story: Don’t take anger management advice from a Puffer Fish, it doesn't know what its talking about. Additionally, follow this principle when you are thinking of taking advice from anybody. Don’t take cooking advice from someone who sets off the smoke alarm every time she/he steps in the kitchen. Don’t take driving advice from somebody who has a history of hit and run.

Think about it!

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